Our tours

We have traveled thousands of kilometers together.

We got to know many regions of the country and shared our passion for the automotive industry with our fans around the world. We traveled around Poland promoting the idea of noble competition in cars. At the same time showing that it can be reconciled with the principles of safe driving with respect for road traffic regulations.

Our trips

Yes, but only on the track and in accordance with the rules set by the organizers – under the supervision of instructors. Trips organized by us turned out to be a great media success. Also thanks to the participation of public figures and stars known for their love of the automotive industry. Reports on these events, which appeared on portals, traditional press, radio and television have reached several million recipients. Today we believe that Feel the Wheel will be successful all over the world because the potential of this project is huge. See you on the road!

The Atmosphere here, you breathe different air. We don’t mean gasoline fumes, but energy and throbbing emotions. Among the sound of the powerful engines, everyone feels like one family regardless of the sporting rivalry. It is in this atmosphere that friendships are born for years, but also successes in business – this is a natural result of meeting so many dynamic and brave people. A common passion for super fast cars is almost a religion that connects followers on many levels.

What do we have to offer you

Quite a lot – surprises and challenges that you haven’t had to deal with yet, extraordinary attractions, a daily mega dose of adrenaline, as well as routes waiting to be conquered. In return, we expect good humor, dexterity, courage, orientation in the field, as well as creativity, without which no one will reach the finish line, even with 1000 KM (KM or HP?)under the hood.

But Feel the Wheel is not only about fun and prestige. It is important for us to use the potential of the event on this occasion and to support those who need help.

It is also a way to motivate those interested to participate in this extraordinary expedition – we know that these people can and want to help. Therefore, we choose the purpose for which we donate the collected money.

So hands on the steering wheel, and hearts for those in need – Feel the Wheel !.

Feel the wheel


Party time

Team spirit